lundi 11 janvier 2010

Magenta, voted moron of the week once more.

My favourite moron did it again, and again. Magenta (see previous post) offered me some good chuckles for the holidays.

First, A pre-Christmas story.

December 23rd, he complains to me that the lobby is dirty.

We had a big snowfall a few days prior to this story, therefor, everyday I clean the floors since a lot of salt is draggued under shoes and boots. I wash the floors every morning but by the afternoon, it's dirty again.

This was a very complicated conclusion to come up on its own for him, I had to explain it. Still, for him, I didn't washed the floors.

He called the boss. The boss was not at his desk so Magenta left him a message on the voicemail beginning with this: First, you SHOULD be at your office to answer MY call!

How to kill your own credibility.

The Boss answer to this?
Whipe your feet before you come in.

2010 started with Mr Magenta, coming to pay late. His excuse nearly made me laugh in his face.

You closed at noon on the 31st, that is too early so I spent all my money, it's your fault the rent is late.

You are the first moron of 2010, congrats!

vendredi 13 novembre 2009

He seriously fail

While this guy complains that he has no luck and it's the worst Friday the 13 for him, I can't help to think that is so called bad luck is simply a case of Karma biting him in the ass.

Let's call him Magenta.

It all started when Magenta wanted all his thermostat changed. The reason? When he put it at 20, the heater didn't start. Valid reason, usually. The day he called for that, it was 30 outside so I asked him if he just tried it. Indeed, he did.

I explained that when it's already 20 in the room, the heater won't heat...

"Oh! That's how it works!"

I wonder what he though a thermostat is for....

There was one not working and he wanted us to do the work when he is available, in the evening.

Hum... no.

So here when the trouble starts... He came to my office to yell at me and tell me he would call the cops and tell them I tried to run him over with my car. Probably because I didn't react the way he wanted me to, being afraid and promising the work when HE wants it, he walked out and called the cops.

They came to see me and explain the issue. I offered to show them my car since it was impossible for me to do such a thing. They came to look at it and their reaction was: You don't have a baterie in there, you can't run the car without that.

Yeah, I know!

I wished I could have seen his face when they went back to him.

Well today he called me again.

The washer on the 6th, 5th and 4th floor are not working...

I went to check it out and had to call him right away.

Me: Were you doing a huge load?
Magenta: No, just 3 towels.
Me: did you spread them out in the washer?
Magenta: I just put them all together why?
Me: Well, if there is more weight on one side of the washer, it will get unbalanced and the machine will stop, saying unbalanced, until you replace the content in an even way.
Magenta: I didn't know that, thanks.

jeudi 12 novembre 2009

She made me start this blog

This is the story that started this blog.

It happened this morning, I had an 11 O'clock appointment to show an apartment. The lady arrived earlier. I was already busy changing a mailbox lock when she arrived so I opened the door for her and asked her to wait for a few minutes while I finished what I have started.

She was an older lady, I'd say in her 60's, rather short and had a big cross hanging from her neck. I have no trouble with anyone showing proudly their religion but I think she may need to confess soon...

One of the tenants come down to pick up her mail, does small talk to me, wish me a good day and walks away. She is a very sweet woman and there is no way I would repeat this story to her since she is the kind of person that would be truly hurt by this.

Once she is gone, the potential tenant ask me what apartment number that tenant lives in. Of course, I explain that it's a confidential information and I am not entitled to give her that, she should have asked her while she was here.

Lady: Oh I don't know her, it's just that I don't like her face so I don't want to live next to her.
Me: Well, if you do not wish to live in the building because you don't like someone I won't hold you back.
Lady: I don't mind she lives in the building, I don't know her, I just don't want to be her neighbor cause I don't like her face.
Me: I cannot give you her apartment number since that is confidential.
Lady: Fine, then I will leave.
Me: Ok, bye.

She did leave.

Isn't there something in Christianity about not judging other people?

People amaze me, not always in a good way.


I have been told many times, by many different people that I attract the most unusual situations. I can't argue with that, my life is a series of "Whaaat?" situations. It comes to a point that I have so many to share, Facebook nor Twitter is giving me enough room to share those inexplicable moments, a blog is now a necessity and will also allow me to give out more details.

Let me situate you in my story. I have been in the customer service field for quite a long time. I started as a cashier in various stores, was a call center agent for almost 15 years and became superintendent for a building. One thing I have learn is there is no such thing as: I've heard/seen everything. People will always find a new way to show how little they think.

This blog as 2 purposes, with the hopes of a 3rd one:

  • Amuse you with the odd stories that happens around me
  • Help me remember those moments
And hopefully: get at least one person to learn from it.

Throughout this entire blog, names will be changed to protect the innocents and the guilty as well. If you recognized yourself in one of the stories, I suggest you keep it for yourselves unless you are able to laugh at your own moment if stupidity.